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"25 years of collective automotive prototyping experience..."

Founded in 1998, Since then we are one of the first Automotive prototyping studios in Pune.
We have consistently remained amongst the highly recommended design studio in India.
The first tactile outcome of your research and development project.
We are well-established in providing prototyping services for major OEM studios in the industry.
We are characterized by the combination of our Prototyping skills: Automotive and Industrial prototyping, Clay modelling, FRP Composite Parts development and Production prototype ,Jigs & fixtures and Automotive design.
We develop physical prototype and Styling mock-up's along with final production parts that meet our client’s expectations from our services.
Together, we make some of the most innovative, advanced products in the business.
For over 25 years, Aakar Studio has been specialized in Automotive & Industrial prototyping for a wide range of products from various industries.
You can trust us with all your prototyping demands and focus on innovation and excellence throughout the development process.
Aakar studio is here to use our prototyping expertise along with an arsenal of some of the best machines and newest technology to make an exceptional prototypes. Ones that are done right.
We are your perfect partner in the design process since we take a professional and considerate approach to your design requirements and have a thorough grasp of different materials and techniques for prototype needs.
We have tailored and combined processes to make complex prototypes a reality.
Maintaining the trust of our customers by being innovative and focused on quality is a priority.
"We work with..."

25 years of helping clients succeed.

Thank you for choosing us.

We at "Aakar Studio" genuinely appreciate your business, & we are grateful for the trust you've placed in us.

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