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For over 25 years, Aakar Studio has been specialized in Automotive & Industrial prototyping for a wide range of products from various industries.
You can trust us with all your prototyping demands and focus on innovation and excellence throughout the development process.
Aakar studio is here to use our prototyping expertise along with an arsenal of some of the best machines and newest technology to make an exceptional prototypes. Ones that are done right.
We are your perfect partner in the design process since we take a professional and considerate approach to your design requirements and have a thorough grasp of different materials and techniques for prototype needs.
We have tailored and combined processes to make complex prototypes a reality.Maintaining the trust of our customers by being innovative and focused on quality is a priority.

  Awards Recognitions

Aakar Studio Awards
Aakar Studio Awards
Best Creative Industrial Design Support Team By Godrej Mhe Division
Aakar Studio Awards
Aakar Studio Awards
Best Industrial Design Support Team By Whirlpool India
Mr. DP Chavan
His passion for Automobiles to create and develop his imagination began at early stage in his career.
For over 40 years of pioneering in Automotive Prototyping.
He worked with most renowned brands & versatile Designers from various regions in the Automotive industry beholds his expertise in the field.
His visionary approach and focus on perfection at every minute detail established his brand as the “Best Design & Support Team ” in this industry.
The multidisciplinary skills of Aakar Studio allow to provide integrated and cost effective solutions in different fields from Automotive, Electronics, Home Appliances, Medical Equipments, Exhibition Models and Aerospace.
Our Services
We Support with various types of manufacturing process that is required during the product development phase until finished product.
We develop Styling mock-up's and physical prototype along with final production parts that meet our client’s expectations from our services.
  • A fully equipped in-house installation that meets the need for a comprehensive product development.
  • The ability to handle critical tasks with precision and crucial deadlines.
  • Reliability in terms of quality and timely delivery
  • Expertise in various types of manufacturing processes
  • High quality prototypes that look and work like production.
Aakar Studio PrototypingNew Introduction Additive manufacturing & Prototyping Services
Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing
  • SLA | Stereo lithography
  • FDM | Fused Deposition modelling
  • DMLS | Direct Metal Laser Sintering
  • SLS | Selective Laser Sintering
  • MJF | Multi jet Fusion

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Design Concept Evaluation   |   Short lead time   |   High Precision & Dimensional accuracy   |   Visual aesthetic appeal & feasibility   |   Component validation & testing   |   Pilot batch production

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Automotive   |   Engineering   |   Consumer Products   |   Industrial   |   Medical & Healthcare   |   Aerospace   |   Robotics   |   Architecture   |   Jewellery   |   Education  
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